Formerly known as North Alabama Gutters & Exteriors

Formerly knows as North Alabama Gutters Exteriors

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Although it’s hardly a priority to homeowners, gutters should always be taken care of; much like how you tend to your lawn, garden, pool, and patio. Your gutter is equally as important. As such, we commend you for taking the first step: looking for the best gutter repair company near you. If you reside in Guntersville, AL, you’re in luck! Gutter Gliders is exactly the company you’ve been looking for.

We have served different households and communities in Guntersville and other cities in Alabama. Over the years, we have never failed to make our customers happy. Our customer-centric approach, bolstered by watertight expertise, constantly stands us out. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your gutter is in safe hands.

In addition, our expertise doesn’t end with gutter repairs. We’re equally experienced and adept at installation, cleaning, and replacement. You should know that with gutters, everything is interwoven. For instance, regular cleaning ensures repairs are minimal. Contrarily, constant repairs eventually lead to replacement. Having this understanding helps us serve you better.

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Clogging and poor installation often lead to rain gutter repairs. Debris like twigs, leaves, bird nests, and pest dung cause clogging. When your gutter or downspout is clogged, water gets trapped. Consequently, it overflows, running off in different directions. Also, if the debris isn’t cleaned and winter comes, it refreezes in the gutter. This greatly weighs it down such that it could pull free or sag. In the end, your gutter will need to be repaired.

If you’re searching for gutter repair outfits in your area, chances are you’ve spotted leaks or sagging. Could you not put off hiring us any longer? Contact us right away for a free quote.

When your gutter is compromised, it spells plenty of bad news for you—and your neighbors. After a storm or rainfall, the ensuing water flow must be directed. At first, it will appear to be gentle and harmless. 

But as it runs off your roof, the momentum increases, creating a dangerous force. In the absence of an efficient gutter, the water flow can cause several damages at that speed and momentum.

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Not only will your lawn and other vegetation be badly affected, but your foundation will be too. As the water hammers on the ground around your foundation, it gradually erodes it. Over time, structural issues like basement leaks will arise. Moreso, the water forms puddles and unsightly water paths around your home. The same will also happen to your neighbor’s yard.

Further, if you have box gutters, chances are you are considering handling needed repairs yourself. Seeing as box gutters appear smooth and easy to fix. But you must know that as easy as they’re to fix, they’re even easier to permanently damage. 

Plus, repairing your box gutter yourself—or any gutter type—puts you at risk of falling and other possible accidents. It’s better to leave your gutter repair needs in Guntersville, AL, to us.

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Guntersville was originally known as Gunter’s ferry or Gunter’s landing. The city is named after its founder, John Gunter. Notably, cotton processing used to be a major economic activity. Tourism bolstered by recreational activities has long replaced that.

Ultimately, getting a lousy gutter repair will compound the problem—making you needlessly frustrated. You want your gutter to be in peak working condition, right? We also want the same thing for you. You’re one call away from getting the best value for your money. 

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